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“What I liked the most in working with Monika was that she assisted me in finding the core of the matter, even if subconsciously I tried to hide it from myself. Before my coaching with her it was impossible for me to understand the roots of some of my struggles. Once we’ve started the coaching process, I learned to not waste my time working on the superficial issues; instead I’ve got courage to review the roots of what causes my unwanted behaviors and actions.

During my coaching sessions with Monika I’ve realized that in order to sort out myself and my life I need to be ready to acknowledge the real existing issue. Once I’ve done that, positive changes followed. At the end it gave me unbelievable relief, peace of mind and great results in regards to my coaching goal. Monika, thank you very much for your support and help in discovering and acknowledging my blocks as well as what I loved the most – sorting them out J It was difficult process but well worth going through it.” Agnieszka

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