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Listen to Your IntuitionBe YourselfCreate Your Inspired Life



“Coaching with Monika (including techniques, self-discovery exercises) set me free from the negative beliefs I had about myself; as well as from feelings of guilt and enormous self-punishment for the mistakes I’ve made in my life. These self-created negative thoughts and beliefs were making me very tired and disturbed during my entire life.

In coaching sessions with Monika I had reviewed my core values and analyzed what’s important for me in life, what are my motivators and my passions in life, which trigger my actions towards my goals. I’ve finally realized that it’s me who is responsible for my life and that I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to. Thanks to coaching with Monika I was able to finally see my true beautiful Self. I started to love myself. I now feel free! In my eyes Monika is very professional, always very well prepared and hundred percent committed to the work with her clients. During our sessions I had always feeling that I am the most important and it helped me to trust Monika as my coach even more. She respected me and my views, she was fully present making sure from moment to moment that the tempo of session is not too fast for me and that all we work on together in the process is in line with my personal capability at this particular time. Between sessions I could always contact Monika to share my thoughts and feelings related to our sessions, what was very helpful for me. Monika has shown me way, gave me tools to learn more about myself and about my enormous potential. For all that I thank her very much.” Beata K.

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