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“Life brings us ups and downs and lately I felt more down than up. I have lost the most important things such as: hope, strength, courage and health. I also had no motivation to drag me out of this miserable state. And then I saw Monika. During few next days she was coming back to me in different ways. And first time after many months I felt like I HAVE to do… I had this crazy urge meeting her. I didn’t know for what, I didn’t know what I want or need from her, but I told her I absolutely need her consultation.

We met and it was an amazing three hours. We could talk in such a calm and loving atmosphere. Monika is an amazing and beautiful person. She gave me so much patience and love. I could feel we truly connected while the session. And her true care and involvement even after the meeting, coming back to me and gently asking about my situation, gave me enough power to move on. She showed me pure professionalism while the whole time she kept being supportive without emotional engagement. I quickly have understood that my intuition has chosen best pro for me.

After months of feeling completely disconnected with me, Monika gave me those three wonderful hours when I could feel myself again. This precious time has reminded me how it is to be whole again. She helped me to open up to myself and my own needs once again. In such a calm and loving manner she guided me to make new decisions to open up and trust life once again. She helped me to remind myself that life means something and we should not give up. She helped me to recall all those things I forgot some time on my life journey.

I mostly appreciate her patience, calmness and perseverance. It was a great pleasure and honour to share with someone so understanding, open, true, wise and intuitive. I sincerely recommend Monika especially if you are in need to find any solution/understanding for your current situation. Even one meeting can change your life.” Ewa

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