Listen to Your Intuition - Be Yourself - Create Your Inspired Life

Listen to Your IntuitionBe YourselfCreate Your Inspired Life



“I am very thankful I met Monika. We have talked for almost 90 minutes. Her open-hearted attitude made me feel like I was sitting by the tea with a good old friend in a warm, present moment. More than suggesting certain solutions Monika was asking me questions to think about. Very useful questions. She made me look at my situation from different angles to realize what is really important for me. You know so many dreams and passions whirl inside of me.
Her words were also encouraging. Now it is clear to me we have to share our experience, not just read books. We have to act towards the greater joy. 
Thanks to Monika I have realised I need to stand in front of the people whether I feel ready or not. Only experience makes us experts! Brano”

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