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I’ve recently read an amazing trilogy written by Genevieve Davis (Becoming Magic, Doing Magic and Advanced Magic). I wanted to share the titles of these books with you so you would have an opportunity to find out more about these brief volumes. These 3 brief volumes will assist you in creating Magic in your Own life! :) I truly believe in the principles outlined in these books and have practiced them over the last few years with an ever increasing trust and confidence and having huge evidence of their amazing results!

Magic books


“I am very thankful I met Monika. We have talked for almost 90 minutes. Her open-hearted attitude made me feel like I was sitting by the tea with a good old friend in a warm, present moment. More than suggesting certain solutions Monika was asking me questions to think about. Very useful questions. She made me look at my situation from different angles to realize what is really important for me. You know so many dreams and passions whirl inside of me.
Her words were also encouraging. Now it is clear to me we have to share our experience, not just read books. We have to act towards the greater joy. 
Thanks to Monika I have realised I need to stand in front of the people whether I feel ready or not. Only experience makes us experts! Brano”

“I would describe my experience of working with Monika as the eye-opener.
Our session became a good ground for changes in perspective and my self-image view.
She makes the impression of strong AND highly sensitive woman with the ability to focus on questions that need to be asked in this very moment.
The atmosphere while working with her is peaceful which definitely helps to focus on priorities with more acceptance and joy. 
Thank you Monika. You are a sweetheart. Powerful sweetheart. Ewelina Wu”

“Monika resonates with her clients on so many levels. She is understanding, supportive and a true inspiration. She is living the dream, helping others which is what I esteem to do. My life coaching experience with Monika has not only helped me to achieve goals, but more importantly, it has enabled me to discover who I am, what makes me tick, and what those goals really are. She has the gift of being able to find the hidden treasures that allow me to achieve those goals. My sessions with Monika are always productive.” – Siobhan Burke

“I really enjoyed the support and motivation from Monika. A real inspiration and huge guidance for fulfilling my passions and dreams in my life path. Much love and gratitude.”

Ann-Marie Breen – The Journey Practitioner /

“If you are looking for life inspiration, Monika is the best person you can meet! She helped me to focus on my intuition and to understand my relationship. She shared with me some interesting information, which influenced on my world view. I can highly recommend her.” Kasia Kulaszewska

“I found Monika to be a very positive person to work with and very professional. Her manner is friendly and compassionate but not intrusive. She was patient and clear in gaining her objectives in each of our sessions. I found our sessions to be extremely helpful and we used simple strategies that were extremely beneficial in helping me accomplish what I was hoping to get out of the coaching.” Marion


“For the first time I met Monika during the course Diploma in Executive and Personal Coaching – since the very first day I found Monika as a soul mate.  Few weeks later I realized that that was impression of most of my colleagues from the course. When I decided to go through Emotional Intelligence coaching, I had no doubts that I would like Monika to be my coach. She is very charming person, always willing to help, person who has a lot of positive energy and many ideas in terms of self-development.

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“What I liked the most in working with Monika was that she assisted me in finding the core of the matter, even if subconsciously I tried to hide it from myself. Before my coaching with her it was impossible for me to understand the roots of some of my struggles. Once we’ve started the coaching process, I learned to not waste my time working on the superficial issues; instead I’ve got courage to review the roots of what causes my unwanted behaviors and actions.

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“Coaching with Monika (including techniques, self-discovery exercises) set me free from the negative beliefs I had about myself; as well as from feelings of guilt and enormous self-punishment for the mistakes I’ve made in my life. These self-created negative thoughts and beliefs were making me very tired and disturbed during my entire life.

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“Life brings us ups and downs and lately I felt more down than up. I have lost the most important things such as: hope, strength, courage and health. I also had no motivation to drag me out of this miserable state. And then I saw Monika. During few next days she was coming back to me in different ways. And first time after many months I felt like I HAVE to do… I had this crazy urge meeting her. I didn’t know for what, I didn’t know what I want or need from her, but I told her I absolutely need her consultation.

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“I have done career coaching sessions with Monika. I found Monika’s approach very professional. Before starting the actual sessions she met with me for a casual chat to “diagnose” what I would like to work on. I knew I needed a change in my career but I didn’t know what exactly my next step should be. By asking numerous questions and giving me some “home works” she helped me to discover myself as a person, but most importantly to identify my style and preferences in work environment. I have finally found the right career direction. It was incredibly interesting. I would definitely recommend career coaching sessions with Monika as she is a coach that puts her heart and soul into what she does.” Alicja Dańska

“Monika is a great, enthusiastic coach. Her positive energy is contagious. Couching sessions with Monika helped me with better planning. My major problem was lack of focus. I have many ideas but I find it challenging to coordinate and organize my time. Before I met Monika, it was very difficult for me to keep consistency in all of my endeavors. This fact changed after just a few coaching sessions. When we started our sessions I’ve just began a new job. The coaching process has really helped me to go through my new challenges and be successful in the new work place.” Sylwia Bartosz


“Coaching with Monika helped me to explore different aspects of emotional intelligence. Thanks to Monika’s powerful questions and other coaching techniques I noticed my patterns of behaviour, understood what stands behind them and I managed to change some of my habits into more desirable ones. Monika is a very attentive coach; she was always following my agenda, while keeping the sessions focused. She inspired, motivated and encouraged me to try new things and to follow my choice. Thank you, Monika, for that valuable experience.” Dominika Topolska

“Coaching with Monika helped me very much. Thanks to her I have finally found job after many months of unsuccessful search. She has also helped me in organizing myself and setting my new goals. Thanks to our sessions I am now much more organized and satisfied from all successes I achieved so far in my life.” Monika Biedrzycka

“Monika assisted me during our coaching sessions in organizing my life. I have finally moved forward, started to set my goals and “cleared my way” in order to achieve my objectives. Monika helped me to realize that because of my limiting beliefs, I haven’t allowed myself to progress in many areas of my life. I used to make many excuses for not making important changes, for not moving forward, for being stagnant. I was constantly procrastinating in the most important matters. Monika is a very challenging coach. She is always prepared. She was choosing during our sessions the most suitable tools and exercises as well as provided some interesting supporting material. I am happy and grateful that I had chance to work with Monika.” Tomek P.

“I had an opportunity and pleasure to observe Monika’s growth. She is a person full of passions, inspirations and love to others. Moreover, she is a very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and highly skilled coach. Her talents and coaching process can help you to identify your wider skill set and open your mind and heart to some amazing possibilities you had not yet consider. Personally and professionally, I always look forward to my conversations with Monika as they give me a lot of insights and inspirations for taking actions. I can highly recommend Monika’s Rak service to others.” Kasia

Kasia Ostasz. Certified Silva Method Instructor, Life Coach & Mental Trainer

“I can definitely recommend Monika’s coaching with no doubt. At the beginning I was skeptical about coaching in general and wasn’t sure what to expect. However, sessions with Monika proved to be  very  practical and offered an interesting, new perspective to work-related issues I had.” Aga W.


“I had a chance to get to know Monika when facilitating a coaching course she was on. From the first day Monika was presenting natural skills and attitude as a coach and trainer. She was like a diamond requiring the last touch… It was an amazing experience and absolute joy to watch her grow in such a beautiful and organic way. I believe Monika was born to fulfill her potential through offering coaching to people. She is a great skilled coach and a beautiful woman. I greatly recommend coaching with Monika to anyone interested in growing and evolving in life.” Iwona

Iwona Mroczek – EvMaFe –

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