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From Confusion to Clarity Program


Helping you to Find Clarity of what your heart desires.


Are you struggling to figure out what you really want to do with your life? What is your purpose?

Are you feeling confused about the big decisions in life?

Are you feeling capable of doing so much more, but are unsure where to start?

Are you afraid of taking the leap to really follow your dreams?

We often face those big decisions in life that, more often than not, have us feeling confused. It’s not enough for us to know that we are capable of so much more. And when we are faced with the uncertainty of where we should start to make these changes, those “decisions” may become harder to make. The fear of taking that first step towards trusting our instincts and following our heart’s desires is where we often need the most help. And I am here to help…

Are you now thinking of how life could be if you learned to trust yourself, and knew what to do and when?

Are you now wondering what can happen if you started to follow your heart?

Wondering, “What can change if I knew what to do and when?”

If the answer to any of these is YES! read on…

You are not alone: I too felt lost and confused for a long time. Those overwhelming hard choices clouding my ability to make decisions, because they were met with the questions “What if…?” and “But if I…?” It was like standing inside a tornado of endless swirling ifs, with no beacon of clarity to show where to get help, or insight.

You are still not alone: Clarity is all that was needed to help me find the next steps in discovering what my heart desires; it is the foundation which supports those big life decisions we all make, as it helps to eliminate chaos, anxiety and uncertainty about who we are and what we can accomplish. And once there is a strong foundation through clarity, like me, your life will be open to miraculous and amazing things; endless possibilities and potential.

You were never alone: Like so many before you who were met with these mental blocks of ifs and uncertainty, they too had to find the tools to create clarity. They too would have sought help from someone who has gone through the same whirlpool of emotions and were shown how to navigate towards clarity. For that place of clarity exists inside all of us, and it can lead to a better, clearer life for us all (and our subsequent role in life); and now I want to help you find this clarity in your life too.


Decide clearly, and achieve that feeling of joy which so many others seem to have.

Achieve your peace of mind, feeling the happiness which can follow after creating the greater version of yourself through fulfilment and commitment.

Accept your whole “Self”, including your shadows, those weaker points we all have, and mistakes we’ve all made, which I prefer to call “Lessons”. For you will grow not just emotionally and mentally but also spiritually.

This is the journey I’ve taken, and the one I’d love to guide you on.


Life ‘gifted’ me with some challenging relationships, reduced self-confidence, and self-respect as a result. It led me to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion which created huge inner conflict and frustration within. I know that you can relate to at least one of my own experiences and feelings, and you also definitely realise that acknowledging and facing them cannot be postponed forever.

Avoiding Your Inner Voice is like closing your eyes while driving a car, hoping that you’ll reach your desired destination. Your intuition is always guiding you towards the best possible routes to make your “Life Journey” as easy and joyful as possible. You only need to learn how to listen to it and how to trust it.


I will be here to help you find clarity on the matters which are important to you. I will guide you on your journey, give you the tools that can help you to relax and be more mindful, to unlock your intuition, inspiration and creativity. I can also help you to discover your unique talents, gifts, and purpose; so that you can share it all with the world.

Not only will you gain the clarity you are searching for, but also you’ll have chance to work with me on a deeper, spiritual and energetic level.

During this 12-week journey with me you will receive:

* Be-weekly Clarity Calls to help you in making your next steps towards your Inspired Life (60 minutes each)

* 24/7 email access to me for the entire 12 weeks to ensure that all your questions are answered even before our sessions

* Support resources that you can keep for life to help you in the areas of your life, work or business

You will also have chance to learn and experience different tools for improving and trusting your intuition, for increased clarity, for opening your heart, for greater self-acceptance and self-love; as well as for increased physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self-awareness for awaking your inner power.


I have created ‘From Confusion to Clarity’ program so you can finally open your wings and fly. Once you become more relaxed, more calm, more clear of what you want to create in your life, you will fulfill your unique potential, you will manifest your greatest dreams, you will start enjoying your life’s journey which is unfolding in front of you every single day. You will be happy and satisfied not because you know all the answers but because you trust your “Intuitive Heart” to provide you with all you need to make the best possible choices in any given circumstance.

If you feel that I can help you in any way or that it is the program for you, I am here to answer any of your questions. If you are confused what to do, have many ideas, but you don’t know how to connect all the dots and to create the whole picture, I am here to help :)

Be Yourself, Listen to Your Heart and Create Your Inspired Life!

Monika Rak

The Happy Choice Coach

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