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How to Make Happy Choices

2015-09-29 15.20.32

Do You Consciously Choose Happiness?

For a very long time I’ve been struggling to make consciously happy choices. Sometimes I felt great about my choices, and life flourished, and other times I felt terrible and life felt grim, boring and crazy at the same time!

Why did I create my life so well sometimes, and felt so overwhelmed and lost at other times?

I had great passions in my life; I loved photography, painting and dancing with all my heart. When I allowed myself to be swept up in these arts I felt completely free and alive. I knew what my heart wanted to express, I knew life was endless possibility, colour and movement, and I felt a deep wellness.

And yet, most of the time I didn’t do these things, and I felt unfulfilled and unhappy. And I didn’t know why.

So if you feel lost and overwhelmed, and you don’t know why, I can totally relate to you. I know how crappy it feels! I’ve been there, done that and got all the t-shirts! Like the ones that say ‘Hopeless Mess’ and ‘Just Give Me Chocolate And Leave Me Alone.’

But I found my own way. I found solutions, which give me a sense of peace and fulfillment and fill my heart with joy. Today I finally feel relaxed. Now my t-shirts say stuff like ‘What Does My Heart Want Next?’ I don’t actually have that t-shirt, but maybe I will get one. I am following my heart now, and my life has completely changed.

Although I strongly believe that you can find your own answers and become a happy and fulfilled person, I would LOVE to share my solutions with you to save you some anguish and much searching. Here are some of them.

Firstly, when I finally mustered up the courage to Meet my True Self, I was greeted by surprise: It wasn’t scary at all to meet my True Self. I found out that I’m not that bad actually! :) Not as flawed or crazy as I might have imagined at first, and I realized that I’m definitely able to work on those parts of myself which are not aligned wit my True Self. My big Aha moment came when I realized that only by getting close and personal and crystal clear with my True Self I could actually really grow and be free … and you can do that too! Much easier than you can imagine now!

Secondly, once I met my True Self, I was able to start listening to the messages coming from within and trust them more and more. I was finally able to Hear my True Self and to feel my deepest Heart’s Desires. It was exciting to realize there’s a part of me who knows exactly what to do to choose so I’m always happy and fulfilled. Once I started to listen to my inner voice, I realized it’s easy to make “happy choices.” Actually I’ve done it many times in the past without even realizing. I bet you’ve done it many times too. The challenge is to make conscious choices. We can do that once we Hear our True Self’s thoughts and feelings.

Thirdly, once I knew myself a bit more, accepted myself and trusted my intuition, I was finally ready to Be my True Self for real! I started to create my life by following my own happy choices. I understood that only I was able to know what would make me happy, and give me fulfillment and meaning in life. Life became a whole lot more exciting and rewarding very quickly.

If you haven’t met your True Self yet, if you haven’t allowed yourself to hear your Inner Voice or maybe act on the messages from within I encourage you to do so, you might be surprised and maybe even happy with what you discover about who you really are, what’s important for you and how you can reach your dreams.

In order to start really connecting to Your True Self, the first thing to do is make more time for pure fun and play in your life – find things that make your heart sing, and just do them, without any agenda. Start to make time for Your True Self to play and come alive, and notice what happens when you do.

I know that you can make conscious and happy choices. You can achieve anything you want. Just follow your heart and stick to it! And if you need a little bit of guidance do contact me, I will be honoured to shine the light for you.


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