FREE  ‘7-Steps to Unlocking Your Intuition Guide’

for better Clarity in Business and Life


  • Feeling confused when making the big decisions in life?
  • Feeling capable of so much more, but not knowing where to start?
  • Afraid of taking the leap and really following your dreams?
  • Thinking of how life could look like if you learned to trust yourself, and knew what to do and when?
  • Wondering what could happen if you started to follow your heart?


Download this free pdf and audio to learn how to:

  • Be Present in the Moment for increased clarity
  • Open Your Heart for greater self-acceptance and self-love
  • Pay Attention to Your Emotions for higher self-awareness
  • Discover the Language of Your Emotions for more accurate inner guidance
  • Trust Your Inner Wisdom for greater courage in reaching your heart’s desires
  • Notice Synchronicities Appearing in Your Life for additional information in making satisfying choices
  • Act on the Messages coming from Within for more joyful, fulfilled and peaceful life.

Accessing intuition and acting on the messages coming from within is essential in creating a joyful and fulfilling business, and a life that is in harmony and balance. We cannot make consciously happy choices if we don’t follow our ‘Intuitive Heart’. Once you learn how to access and act on your own intuition and wisdom you can make the most of every opportunity, relationship, and moment in life.

My name is Monika Rak. I am the Happy Choice Coach. I empower individuals working in holistic and creative professions by helping them to be more present, trust their intuition, gain clarity, create a vision and find focus. My clients feel greater joy and fulfillment, sharing their unique gifts with the world with greater clarity and focus.

The ‘7 Steps to Unlocking Your Intuition Guide’ empowers You to greater Clarity in Business and Life.

Are you ready to create your Inspired Business & Life but you don’t know where to start? I am here to help.

I have created this ‘7 steps to unlocking Your Intuition for greater Clarity in Business and Lifeguide so you can finally open your wings and fly. Once you become more relaxed, more calm, more focused on what you create, you will fulfill your unique potential, you will manifest your greatest dreams, you will start enjoying your life’s journey which is unfolding in front of you every single day. You will be happy and satisfied not because you know all the answers but because you trust your Intuitive Heart to provide you with all you need to make the best possible choices in any given circumstance.

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