Listen to Your Intuition - Be Yourself - Create Your Inspired Life

Listen to Your IntuitionBe YourselfCreate Your Inspired Life


Welcome to Happy Choice

Clarity and Empowerment Coaching


Want to fully embrace your potential and have a wonderful impact?

Overwhelmed with choices and possibilities?

I’ve been there. In fact, I still am there at times!

How do we stay in touch with our own wisdom, and create the greatest and happiest version of our lives?

Having support and guidance sometimes makes all the difference.


If that sounds good to you, I offer a free half-hour Skype session so You can gain Clarity regarding what’s Important to You right Now

I will guide You to:

* Access Your Intuition

* Deeply Connect with What Your Heart wants most

* Gain more Self-confidence and Trust in Your Inner Self

* Release any Blocks to Creating this for You

* Be more Relaxed, more Focused and more Creative

* Discover Your Life Purpose based on Your Unique Talents, Passions and Values

* Build Your Dreams

* Create Your Life’s Vision

* Create a clear Map that You can actually Follow

* Stay aligned to Your Priorities as Your Life Transforms

Years ago, I lost my inner passion and stopped doing the things I loved most. This started a search for self-understanding that has transformed my life. I realized I was living to please others, and to fit into the box. Once I started to honor my own desires and needs fully, everything in my life expanded.

It’s now my great passion to help everybody reclaim their great passion and inner power!


“I really enjoyed the support and motivation from Monika. A real inspiration and huge guidance for fulfilling my passions and dreams in my life path. Much love and gratitude”Ann-Marie Breen – The Journey Practitioner /


“If you are looking for life inspiration, Monika is the best person you can meet! She helped me to focus on my intuition and to understand my relationship.” – Kasia Kulaszewska – Student


Get in touch Now for Your a free half hour Clarity Skype session, and Start to reclaim that Inner Fire Today!

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